Quadient Enterprise Shipping System

Cloud computing, Software as a service, Web-hosting, these are all terms used to describe the latest in software deployment technology. In this software model, made popular by companies like SalesForce.com, PayPal and Google, customers don’t have to buy, install, upgrade, update, maintain, backup or support the software they use. Instead, all of that is taken care of the by the hosting company. The users actually run the software across the network “cloud” that forms the Internet. In this way users can access the application no matter where they are (across the campus, across the city or across the country) as long as they have a browser and can access the Internet.


Neopost has embraced this technology and offers eShipping as a subscription-based service. Hosted in our secure Austin, Texas data center, we take care of all software maintenance, upgrades and backups; ensuring every user has the latest version of software every time they login. This solution not only removes the IT burden from our customers, but it also allows any employee of your company to access the application from any corporate location (HQ, satellite office, remote sales offices, stores, warehouses, etc.), any location on the road (hotel, restaurant, customer site, trade show) or from their home office.

Accessible by all users

No longer are shipping services limited to the mail center, with eShipping all employees across the organization can ship easily and save money at the same time. Our software licensing that doesn’t restrict the number of users, or sites, so everyone is able to take advantage of the service and enjoy the benefits of:

  • Comparing and selecting the best service
  • Proper allocation and accounting on every shipment
  • Centralized creation, enforcement and management of policies across the organization
  • Printing of carrier certified shipping labels directly from the desktop
  • Automatic address correction to reduce surcharges
  • Mail center completion for more complicated shipping needs
  • Real-time, distributed creation of shipments – no end-of-day tasks
  • Fast and easy implementation without any hardware costs

Neopost’s web-based shipping solutions are designed, deployed, integrated, and supported by our technology experts for your company. Our hosted software products lower your technology deployment costs and risks, increase productivity and deliver a rapid return on your investment.

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