Why You Need a Paper Folder Machine

When you have hundreds of brochures, newsletters, or invoices to fold, it can not only be a time-consuming task, but overwhelming as well. Uneven folding and sloppy creases can also lend your business an unprofessional image.


At Major Business Machines, we offer paper-folding machines, so you can have clean, perfectly folded papers and documents every time.


Manual and Automatic Paper Folders


Our paper folder machines can handle any job, large or small. We offer both manual and automatic paper folders, with a variety of different styles available.


Automatic paper folders are extremely convenient and simple to use. They can handle hundreds of folds per minute, and in many different fold styles, such as a z-fold, gate, double parallel, or letter fold.


Our manual tabletop paper folders come with digital control panels, making them a cinch to operate. They are the perfect fit for smaller offices.


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