Innovative Postage Solutions in Greenville, SC

If you ever feel unsure of how much postage is needed or you find yourself getting behind on the outgoing mail from the office, a mailing system could be your next best friend. We offer a wide variety of innovative mailing systems at Major Business Machines. We’ll help make your mailing process a breeze.


How a Mailing System Will Change Your Office


Whether you’re a small business with low-volume mailing needs or a large corporation with frequent mailing and shipping requirements, we can find the perfect mailing system for your office. Our top-of-the-line mailing systems make it simple for you to weigh, rate, post, and track your mail. A 15” touch screen allows you to easily customize your project, and offers processing speeds of up to 300 letters per minute! For smaller offices, we offer a convenient table-top mailing system that will still get the job done quickly.


To learn more about our mailing systems, simply give us a call or stop by our shop at our Greenville or Columbia locations.

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