Quadient AS-3640

TheAS-3640 is a true production printer. This rugged, reliable, and flexible printer can maintain a high output speed of up to 40,000 mailable documents per hour. It is capable of working in-line with other document processing equipment such as folder/inserters, as well as in standalone operation.

The AS-3640 is a production workhorse featuring a true vacuum-feed base and print area up to 6" x 20". The AS-3640 can be configured with as little as 1 ½" of print area and increased in increments of 1 ½" up to 6" of print area. This is done by adding additional print banks with three cartridges (1 ½" each) based upon the application. The AS-3640 can also be placed in-line with other equipment. Adding a heavy-duty feeder and six foot conveyor with a dryer will create a powerful standalone production unit that would be at home in any pro mail shop. It is an ideal system for printing on a wide range of materials including envelopes, postcards, newspapers, brochures, catalogs, calendars or booklets.

The AS-3640 production address printer is an ideal choice for larger in-plant mail centers, quick or short run commercial printers, and pro mailers with mid- to high- volume direct mailing requirements. The AS-3640 is compatible with Neopost Business Mailer™, as well as most other popular database and mail management applications.

The AS-3640 complements and completes the production element of the complete line of shuttle head and fixed head address printers.

Address Speed Up to 40,000/hr
Print Resolution Max. 600 x 600 DPI
Number of Heads Up to 12 fixed
Maximum Thickness 1 1/2" Standard
Print Area Up to 6" x 20"
Minimum Document Size 1.5" x 2.5"
Maximum Document Size 30" x 15"
Dimensions 58"L x 39"W x 55"H

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