Quadient AS-950C

The new Neopost AS-950C features the newest digital printing technology available. It is a full process color printer that is powered by 1600 x 1600 dpi Memjet Technology and can print on materials up to 9.5" wide by 17" long at high speed. This incredible technology can also print full bleed (edge-to-edge) on materials up to 8.5" wide! How fast? Full sheets at 3,600/hr and #10 envelopes at 7,500/hr kind of fast.

The Neopost AS-950C is designed to boost productivity dramatically, but is very cost efficient as well. The five ink tanks each hold 250 ml of ink for long job runs and keep cost per piece as low as possible. Compared to existing systems, we can run 3 times longer on a set of ink tanks that cost substantially less than toner. The AS-950C does this all without any fragile drums or fusers to replace. The no-contact print technology won’t emboss envelopes and can be used with any windowed envelope – not just the costly laser-safe kind. Moreover, our specially formulated ink can print on coated stocks. Improve your business profitability substantially with the Neopost AS-950C. Precision engineered, the all metal construction of the AS-950C is built to last for years of reliable use.

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