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Copier Provider for the Greenville, SC, Area

It can be difficult if not downright impossible to find the perfect secretary—one who can handle large volumes of incoming mail, fold hundreds of brochures, stuff countless envelopes, run to the copy and print shop on a regular basis, and know the right amount of postage to use on every piece of outgoing mail. Since 1974, Major Business Machines has been providing high-performance office solutions to upstate and mid-state South Carolina and Augusta, Georgia. Let us better assist your secretary!

Office Products for Every Business

When you have a smooth-running office, your business profits as a whole. Valuable time will be saved and outsourcing costs will be greatly reduced when you use high-quality office equipment. We offer complete office products, customized to meet any business's needs—whether you’re a small, local mom-and-pop shop or a vast corporation.

We offer a wide variety of products to help you run an efficient office:

  • Printers
  • Copiers
  • Mailing systems
  • Letter openers
  • Paper folders
  • Folder inserters
  • Software products
  • Addressing systems
  • Tabbing systems and more!

Complete Your Whole Office

With state-of-the-art printers, copiers, and paper folders, you’ll be able to easily make your day-to-day prints and copies, but you’ll also be able create stunning brochures, flyers, and formal invitations—the kind that have the special touch you only see from professionals.

Our mailing systems, letter openers, and folder inserters will transform your company’s mail distribution from a headache to bliss, and our software products, addressing systems, and tabbing systems give even more ways to improve the overall organization in your office.

We have 2 business locations in South Carolina—one in Greenville and the other in Columbia. Stop by and visit us today. We’ll better assist your secretary by helping you find the perfect office products to fit your company, guaranteed

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