Neopost-Quadient Mail Piece Production Control

Neopost-Quadient Mail Piece Production Control

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End-to-End Mailing Production Integrity from Print to Insertion

Is the integrity of your mailing ensured during production? Mail Piece Production Control (MPPC) is a scanning hardware and software solution, which complements Neopost PrintMachine output management software and folding/inserting systems for monitoring the mail piece insertion process and enabling easy reconciliation of missing or damaged documents. It also provides detail production reports to guarantee end-to-end mailing production integrity from print to insertion.

4 simple Steps to Mailing Integrity:

  • Printing
    • Each document is tagged with a unique 2D barcode to the address block. This allows each document to be individually identified.
  • Scanning
    • A scanner checks every document as they are inserted. The envelope window is scanned and the documents are reconciled in real time with the original document print stream database.
  • Reconciling
    • Integrity Control Dashboard provides real time alerts for any out-of-sequence, missing, duplicate, misread or invalid document discrepancies during production. The MPPC intelligence can reprint, process and re-scan any missing documents, making reconciliation simple.
  • Reporting
    • Intelligent Verification Reports feature is designed to run reporting that delivers full audit trail capabilities by line item, and creates status reports of each production run.

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