Capture and routing involves the direct delivery of electronic documents within an organization. At MBM, we have many multifunction systems that can handle a great deal of capture and document routing right out of the box, with minimal configuration needed.

The most common document destinations are:

  • Network folders
  • Email addresses
  • Web folders
  • Databases
  • Accounting systems
  • CRM/ERP systems

Convert to Capture using KyoCapture

Building your document management system and converting paper-based documents to electronic documents begins the capture process. To be effective, document management systems must allow for simple, high-quality capture of paper documents and convert them to electronic images. When a paper-based document is captured electronically the result is a PDF that can be emailed, faxed, or stored.


Our solutions are designed to make it easy for you to create a searchable database of all your documents. You will be able to connect, create, print and store your internal structure forms as well as manage client records and emails.


A few of the benefits from using capture technologies are:

  • Faster Data Entry - Instead of spending hours on manual data entry, pages can be scanned and data extracted in seconds. You are able to speed up your business processes to deliver better customer service and employee satisfaction.
  • Lower Expenses - An automated capture process requires less manual labor, allowing you to focus personnel on higher-value tasks.
  • Fewer Errors - Extracted data can be validated against your existing customer database to ensure that it is correct. Possible errors are routed to an exceptions folder where they are quickly proofed and processed.

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